Christian Knitters

A web ring devoted to Christian Knitters. We can fellowship and promote each others sites and visit content that doesn't offend our beliefs.

Welcome to the Christian Knitters weblog ring!

This is a Non-denominational ring....but...
You need to meet the following criteria in order to join.

Please read the will not be accepted into the ring if yo do not qualify!

Do not apply if you are not willing to follow the guidelines!

  • You must be a Born-Again Christian.
    Jesus said "You must be born-again." John 3:7
  • Your blog must state somewhere about your love for Jesus Christ as Lord
    (it can be in your profile)
    If you don't understand Born-Again, please email me
    I am very picky about members.(for your protection!)

  • No objectionable links or buttons on your blog.
  • You must be a knitter.
    Your site doesn't have to be totally devoted to knitting but there must be some evidence that you are a knitter.
  • Ring code must be displayed on your front page in the sidebar so the ring won't be broken.
  • Please place the code on your site within a week or you will be removed from the queue.
  • No stores or store blogs that tell about specials at stores.

    Please pray for the other members.

    Again....Do not apply if you are not willing to state on your blog that you are a follower of Jesus Christ!

    I am very picky about members.(for your protection!)

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